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Welcome Students Group is a registered education agency that has been helping international students since 2015. We work face to face and via phone and email with customers all around the world to help them find the courses and institutions that best suit their needs. 


Our team is made of people that have been through the same journey our customers go through. They first came into this country to study, and with time, they fell in love with it! Now, we help hundreds of people from all over the world achieve their career and life goals by handling the complexities of applying for a course in another country. 


We are affiliated with colleges and universities all around Australia, so whether you want to live in a busy city such as, Sydney and Melbourne, or maybe want to enjoy the amazing beaches of Queensland and Western Australia, we can help you get there! 


Our focus is to provide you with everything you need to have a wonderful experience as an international student.


We go beyond helping them with their courses and visa applications. Our students are our priority even after they’ve been accepted to study in Australia. Which is why we also help with all the complexities of settling down in a place you’ve never lived before. 


We provide our students with affordable and comfortable accommodation and connect them with like-minded people from all around the world through a series of different events that we organise throughout the year, such as sports tournaments, day trips, picnics, job and migration seminars and much more! 






We know you have lots of questions about studying overseas, and we are here to answer them all. Studying in Australia requires to go through an application process that sometimes can take months, depending on your specific situation. It is our job to make your application process as simple and smooth as possible. 

We will first have a friendly chat: we will ask about your purpose of travel, the city you want to live in and the courses you would like to apply to. 

There are a number of steps we must go through together to get your student visa accepted. Don’t stress, we will help you prepare all the required documentation, just like we’ve done with hundreds of our students who got their visa accepted and are now enjoying the experience of being an international student in Australia! 

We’ll check your institution’s entry requirements and we’ll gather all the documents you need to apply. These include: 


  • Academic requirements

  • English language requirements

  • Evidence of funds to support your studies

  • Overseas student's health cover 

Then, once we understand how we can help, we will show you options that are tailored to your needs.

Finally, we will help you decide what course and institution are best for you! 




Once we have all the paperwork done we will go ahead and submit your application to your chosen institution for you! 


Finally, once you’re accepted we will receive offer letter and confirmation of enrolment, which we will use to submit your visa application. 



Most education agencies job finishes once you're visa has been approved, but at Welcome Students Group we go beyond that to make your transition as smooth as possible.

Welcome Students Group offers all its students a number of activities we do throughout the year to give you the best possible experience in your journey as an international student.

If you are part of Welcome Students Group you get access to our Welcome Homes accommodation services for international students.


Finding a place to live in Australia is no easy task, which is why Welcome has a number of shared apartments that are conveniently located near the CBD at very affordable prices.  

We have private rooms, couple and share rooms available for you!

We love having a community of like-minded people from all around the world and you can enjoy the benefits of that by simply joining our Welcome Friends Facebook Group. 

You will be updated on all of our recreational and educational activities, which you can attend for free!


If you’ve successfully completed your studies and you fell in love with the country just like we did. We can help you find a pathway so you can get your permanent residency and citizenship in Australia. 

On top of having a registered migration lawyer working on our team. We work in alliance with Condor Global HR and Migration to guarantee you have the best migration specialist working for you. It is no easy task to get residency or citizenship, but with the right advice and guidance, you could join thousands of migrants who now call Australia their home.


Have you just graduated? Are you about to finish a Bachelors Degree? Would you like to start your career in Australia? 

We can help you with all the paperwork needed to get your degree accredited in Australia. We work with you in key areas that need detailed attention if you want to start your professional career here. This includes resumes, cover letters, interviews and LinkedIn profiles. 

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