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"The ability to read, write and analyse; the confidence to stand up and demand justice and equality; the qualifications and connections to get your foot at the door and take your seat at the table - all of that starts with education." 

- Michelle Obama

Lucky Bay - Western Australia, Australia.


Australia has an impressive number of study options available for international students. There are over 1.200 institutions and over 22.000 courses to choose from, so it can be easy to get overwhelmed by the wide variety of studying opportunities. At Welcome Students Group we sort through the options to find the ones that best suit your needs! 

A Bachelors or Undergraduate Degree is your first degree or certification at university. Australia’s bachelor degrees are internationally recognised with some of the best universities in the world located in all of Australia’s bigger cities; it’s no surprise thousands of international students come here to start their professional career.

These are the qualifications you can attain at a university or higher education institution:

Associate degree (2 years):

This is a short-cycle degree program that can help with career development if you're already working and don't have time to complete a full bachelors degree. It can be a pathway to a Bachelor Degree or Advanced Diploma.

Bachelor Degree (3 years):

This is the standard qualification needed for entry into any professional career. It will give you the necessary knowledge to perform well in your chosen area, as well as the problem-solving techniques needed to succeed.

Double Bachelor’s Degree (4 years):

Most universities in Australia will give you the opportunity to obtain another Bachelor Degree in a different area for only an extra year of studies. As many of these degrees complement each other, it only applies to certain fields that are chosen by the university. You need to double check if your chosen institution offers a double degree in the fields you want to work in.

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