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Gold Coast is a popular tourist destination for both local and international tourists and it is not difficult to find out why. The city is filled with entertainment activities; world-famous beaches, rainforests, theme parks and a great culinary and nightlife scene are just some of the highlights this city has to offer.


Gold Coast is the perfect destination for international students looking to enjoy a plethora of activities while studying abroad. There are over 200 educational and training institutions in a city that has a population of just over half a million. Many of these institutions have courses tailored to the needs of international students.


If you are an overseas student living in the Gold Coast, you also get access to free employment and career advice at the Gold Coast Student Hub. This city receives over 10 million visitors every single year, so there are constant job openings for students wanting to work casual or part-time in the hospitality, retail and tourism industry.

For more info on student living, check out the Gold Coast Student Hub


Gold Coast is known for its warm weather and clear blue skies. Because of its subtropical climate, the city has around 300 days of sunshine a year. so it's safe to say there is very good weather to be outdoors and enjoy the beach!

The average temperature during the summer ranges from 21 to 29°C. February tends to be the wettest month with rainfall commonly happening in late afternoons and early evenings. Humidity is very high in summer, sometimes up to 80-90%, however, this is often offset by a cool breeze. 

In winter the average temperatures range from 12.5 to 21.5°C and it is quite dry during these months so it still gets sunny with beautiful clear blue skies. 

During Autumn and Spring temperatures are still quite warm, except at the end of May when temperatures start to drop down. 


Gold Coast is ranked #1 for affordability in the country. The overall cost of basic expenses such as rent and transport is significantly lower than other major cities in Australia.


  • Accommodation


Rent on the Gold Coast can save you up to 40% of what you would need to pay in a city like Sydney. Accommodation here is cheaper than every other big city in Australia.


The average one-bedroom apartment can be rented for about $350 per week outside the city centre. Keep in mind though, rent in the city and other touristy areas will be considerably higher.  


Most international students tend to share an apartment to divide costs with like-minded flatmates and therefore save a bit of money. If you are sharing an apartment or sharing a room at an apartment your rent expenses could probably range from $125 to $200 depending on location.


  • Transport


Just like in Brisbane students get half-priced public transport and they also need a Go Card (public transport card) to move around. A regular fare ride will cost about $4 or more per ride depending on distance travelled. As students only pay half, they only spend about $20 to $30 per week on transport.


Gold Coast public transport includes trains, buses and trams which can all be used with the same card. The city is also currently working on building a light rail as well to reduce the time spent commuting.


  • Entertainment


There is an impressive amount of entertainment activities available on the Gold Coast to suit any budget.  The city has a thrilling nightlife, fine culinary scene, exciting theme-parks, astonishing rainforest and famous beaches that are known to have amazing surfing.


If you are looking for cheap activities: a picnic or BBQ near the beach is an all-time favourite amongst students. However, there are also discounts on many other entertainment activities such as movie tickets, restaurants, nights out and theme parks and other touristy activities as well. Overseas students get the chance to live like a local and experience Gold Coast as a tourist making this a great place to study abroad.


The lifestyle and quality of living in Australia are amongst the best in the world. Some of the reasons are the low crime rate, work-life balance, career opportunities and low unemployment rate. Aussies are friendly and love to stop for a chat with strangers or to lend a helping hand to those in need.


Snorkelling and diving? Hiking? Surfing? Music Festivals? Formula One? Australian Tennis Open? Asia trip?

Australia also hosts a number of World Heritage sites, such as Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef and Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park in the Northern Territory. You’ll enjoy the lifestyle as a student, which means you’ll have plenty of time to explore your new home. 


One of the advantages of being an international student in Australia is that your student visa automatically gives you permission to work up to 40 hours every two weeks during the academic year or full time during the holidays. That means that you can enjoy all the city has to offer and earn some money while you study.

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