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We can help you find the right pathway to permanent residence in Australia

Welcome Students Group works in alliance with Condor Migration, experienced lawyers and registered migration agents. We can help you find a migration pathway that suits your need so you can start a new life in Australia. 


Getting permanent residency in Australia is not a simple task and there are a number of requirements a person must meet before an application is considered. However, with proper guidance from an experienced lawyer or migration agent; not only you will save money and time, but you will also reduce the chances of your application being denied. 

Over the last few decades, Australia has received immigrants from all over the world. People have come to live here because of its friendly and welcoming culture, a strong economy, good health care and high quality of life and you can also enjoy these benefits! 


Make Australia your new home!

We speak Spanish, Portuguese, Cantonese, German and English.


Do you have work experience as a qualified professional and a good level of English?

Do you want to know if you're occupation can get you permanent residency in Australia?


Contact us today to find out your migration options. 


If you are in a genuine relationship with an Australian/ New Zealand citizen or resident. A partner visa may be your best option.


An agent can also provide advice in case the relationship breaks down during processing or after the visa is granted. Relationships must be genuine but there are options when there are reasonable reasons for break up.

Contact us today to apply for a partner visa!


Do you have a company that is willing to sponsor you in Australia?

Schedule a meeting with us today and find out if the company and your profile meet the requirements for this process and we can guide you on the type of visa you could apply for.

Contact us to get your sponsor visa approved!


Condor Migration has the knowledge and experience necessary to appeal the government's decision to refuse a visa. to. If this is your case we offer legal representation for Tribunal Appeals so your case can be reassessed.

In some circumstances, we can also make a request for Ministerial Intervention so your case will be analysed by the Minister in charge of immigration.


Contact us today, if your visa has been denied.



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